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Ember File Explorer

We recently updated Ember File Explorer to version 0.5.1, which included a fix for a pesky force close bug when trying to use the app without an SD card mounted. Version 0.5.0 brought support to those running Android 1.6 as well as automatic orientation changes while in the app.

The next big feature we are currently working on implementing is an option to display thumbnails of image files. So be sure to check out Ember File Explorer and let us know what you think!


Ember File Explorer has been updated to v0.4.0-beta! This new version brings some small bug fixes and “navigation history”.

When you navigate to a directory and then use physical back button or the Navigate Up icon, the list will now display the directory you were just in at the top of the screen.

Keep your feedback coming, and if you run into an issue, please drop us an e-mail, leave us a comment, or send us a tweet! Don’t forget to include what device you’re using so we can better assist you in resolving the problem or figuring out a fix.

Soon-to-come: We’re currently working on making Ember FE compatible with Android 1.6 as well as making pasting of individual files easier, so stay tuned!


Ember File Explorer

Ember File Explorer v0.3.0 is live on the Market and also the AndSpot Market! This latest version brings multi-select along with a few enhancements.

We’re constantly looking for feedback and features to add, so let us know what you think!

App page: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.embermobile.explorer

Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/emberMobile


To give you all an idea of the direction our File Explorer is going, here’s a (very early) shot of what the next update will bring.

Toolbar Progress

It’s a toolbar!

We’re currently working on getting the more commonly used options put into this toolbar. The goal here is to help minimize the steps,or in this case touches, involved to accomplish your tasks. We’ve also removed that pesky gray title bar from above the directory path text (we figured you already know what app you’re using, no need to constantly remind you). There’s also a hint we sneaked into the photo regarding an upcoming feature.

Keep the feedback coming! We’d love to hear what you like, don’t like, want added, and/or changed.


As of yesterday, Ember File Explorer can be found on the Android Market. Make sure to give it a download and let us know of any issues you come across!

Keep an eye on our Twitter (@emberMobile) and this blog for more updates and information.


Hopefully within the next few hours we will be releasing version 0.1.0 (Beta) of Ember File Explorer to the Android Market.

Tomorrow the features list and help page for our app (it’s quite simple, really) will be posted here on the blog for everyone to look over. We encourage those who check it out to leave feedback here, on our Twitter, and/or in the Market!